Vicksburg Elementary Students received grants.

SKCFA recieved grants for vehicle upgrades

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Library building program received funds

Vicksburg Historical Society received a grant for the Harvest Festival

Vicksburg High School senior honors night receives funding each year

Generous Hands received a matching grant for its endowment fund

Major grants went to the Vicksburg Historical Society to help fund the community pavilion

Six $2500 Scholarships are awarded to Vicksburg High School graduating seniors

Start-up funds for Vicksburg High School Strive program were granted

Vicksburg Boyscout Troops have received several grants for scholarships, camping, and cabin maintenance

Vicksburg Middle School has received grants for 7th grade football and band instraments

Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation received $10,000 for scholarships and another $3000 for curiosity grants

received a grant for bricks and morter

Grants were given to renovate the Vikcsburg Community Center

$10,000 is donated each year for the Vicksburg United Way campaign

The Foundation also granted money to fund our new Quilt Trail

Only 501c3 organizations and government agencies are eligible to apply for grant considerations. Some of the major Foundation grants in the last ten years have included the Village of Vicksburg, Vicksburg Historical Society, Vicksburg Community Pavilion project, Schoolcraft library building fund and the Village of Vicksburg.

One of the chief architects of the Vicksburg Foundation and its president for a number of years, was Maxwell Bardeen, one-time president of Lee Paper and thence Simpson Paper Company. As an example of enlightened industrialist and public servant, Bardeen brought his knowledge as a world traveler, top salesman and business manager to the Foundation during his tenure.

Bill Oswalt joined the board in 1978 and the gavel was passed in 1988 when he assumed the presidency of the Foundation. It has been his leadership and that of the trustees who have had the vision for the community. This vision has enriched and supported the many improvements in this small but prospering area of the greater Kalamazoo County, state of Michigan, U.S.A..